Making Time To Get Healthier

Making time for improving your personal wellness and health is easier than you think. I’ve learned over the years the best way to make sure I stay healthy is to schedule little wellness moments in my day. I start most days with 5-10 mins of meditation. I set at least 30-120 mins of exercise time each day. I always set aside time to sit and relax with my thoughts so I can plan the day’s events out. I always make sure I tell my wife how much I love her when we see each other or when we each go off to work. And before we go to bed at night, we always tell each other we love each other and give each other an affectionate embrace and kiss.

And when I get especially busy, almost too busy to take time out from the tasks of the day, I reward myself for the extra busy day or week by making time for a wellness moment the following day before the business starts up again! When I was in college getting my undergraduate degree in music and biology, at the end of finals week, immediately after the last final exam, one of my best friends (Larry or Ely) and I went on a 5-10 mile run. We were exhausted and tired  from studying and taking our exams which you would think a run would be the last thing we would want to do. But the run always helped us relax, rejuvenate, and feel really good about the end of the semester even if we had a terrible exam week. The post semester beer tasted even better for sure following our run. Three years of classes together with Larry and Ely including summers and I can still remember the wonderful feelings of those runs 35 years later. Now, that is the beauty of high quality wellness moments. Quality wellness moments are something that does not disappear when the event is over. Quality wellness moments produce such positive feelings inside you want to go back again and again to them. Simply put, you learn to develop a wellness habit. Each and every time you start your day, your wellness habits become more important to you than your morning cup of coffee. And, they are certainly much better for you!