Exercising Nutritionally, LLC is a clinical research and education company promoting healthy living and aging. We focus on developing clinical research programs for evidence based preventive wellness and enhancing human performance. Research projects focus on the role that nutrition and physical activity play in helping prevent and treat lifestyle related diseases on the molecular, biochemical, and physiological levels. Populations include children, adults, and senior populations. Exercising Nutritionally helps other companies research new preventive health applications that would lead to FDA application claims approval. A major strength of Exercising Nutritionally, LLC research projects is we develop collaborations with clinical university based research environments fostering relationships with some of the top clinical research groups in Chicago and the United States.
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Exercising Nutritionally also provides research quality testing in body composition, sports performance testing, sports nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian, preventive health assessment, and educational programs in nutrition, exercise, and preventive health interventions. We use the same high quality clinical interventions to guide and monitor client fitness, health, and wellness progress we often use in research studies. We offer advanced blood nutrient testing and programs that are individualized for your special needs.

We provide specialized education and testing programs upon request so that your company, community group, endurance training or sports performance team club can benefit from research quality testing and health improvement programs to meet each group’s special needs.